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23 Jul Trying to take pictures of fireflies. 

Sorry about all the pictures. Tonight has a special feeling to it.

Trying to take pictures of fireflies.

Sorry about all the pictures. Tonight has a special feeling to it.

23 Jul

It’s like something out of a movie. Nature is neat.

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23 Jul Methinks maybe a storm is coming. #nhinthesummer

Methinks maybe a storm is coming. #nhinthesummer

21 Jul paticmak:

Roman Holiday


Roman Holiday

20 Jul

My North Carolina weekend was a complete blast. I had Chick-fil-a twice, about 15 glasses of sweet tea a day, drank NC beer, hung out with Guffy’s former BFF Roxy, talked with my college roommate for hooooours into the night and most importantly, met Miriam, Dan and Juliet. Guys, she’s so damn cute in person it should be illegal. I love Tumblr people. Every single one I’ve met has been amazing. This weekend was relaxing and restorative I missed the South more than I realized. Homeward bound a little heavier (I mean, if Chick-fil-a was open on Sunday it would probably be worse) but happier.

19 Jul

I’m watching Frozen for the first time.


18 Jul

My travel luck lately

The truck that helps tow the plane out to the runway broke down.


Good thing I’m going to the land of Chick-fil-a and sweet tea, which makes everything better.

18 Jul

You guys

The woman next to me on the plane is giving herself a manicure. The whole shebang- trim, filing and buffing. I am beyond grossed out.

18 Jul Headed to North Carolina for a mini break. #bostonbeerworks

Headed to North Carolina for a mini break. #bostonbeerworks

18 Jul

This is Life Lately…

Perpetual motion is our current state of being. It’s getting hard to not fall asleep just thinking about our schedules lately. Last night brew boy said to me “Everyday when I hit my limit, I do a little countdown in my head to wedding and honeymoon and then I relax a little.” This is where we’re at. I am honestly looking forward to the week before the wedding, when we have to get about 85 million things done in very little time, because I will be with my boy, not sleeping alone, not having to drive into the city and not having to deal with the storm that is brewing around our office right now. Here’s my schedule for the next month and a half:


This weekend I’m in NC visiting my college roommate. Great timing me. Next weekend I’ve got hair and makeup trails, then a wedding. 


The first weekend is my bachelorette! Whee! Then the next week I’m in Toronto for two day for work training, come back and the next day head to Newport RI for two days for an event. Then it’s my birthday weekend, which we haven’t even talked about. Then I have a week and a weekend of nothing, then I head to Saratoga the end of the next week for a couple of days to train people and attend the race. Two weeks after that I get married. 

It’s a lot. Add to this that I actually HAVE work to do lately and the fact that one of our outside dealers has gone rogue (this will make sense to exactly 2 of you), and this is brew boy’s busiest time of year meaning he’s gone at least 2 nights a week. And wedding. 

This is life lately. 50 days to go.