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26 Aug

You punks

Came home to a awesome wedding present from a group of lovely Tumblrs. You guys got the thing brew boy and I were MOST excited about. Honestly, when I checked the registry Saturday morning and saw that someone bought the Ninja, I ran in and jumped on brew boy to wake him up and tell him.

Once again I am overwhelmed by the generosity of people I have not met (minus Miriam and Summer).

I’m calling you out by name below because if people aren’t following you yet, they need to: Shana- shanapreferspajamas, Erin- lifelibertysilliness, Jill- galapagosgal, Sarah- sarahlizfits, Summer- curtncurly, Erin- esofine, Miriam- lspoon. Go, follow, enjoy.

But seriously you guys, it’s got total crushing power. I’M SO EXCITED!!

26 Aug Me, for the next 11 days. 

Me, for the next 11 days. 

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26 Aug

I just can’t anymore

Brew boy’s dad told him the other day that his relatives need directions to the wedding. Brew boy’s response “It’s called Google dad.” My response “There was a CARD in the INVITE that said DETAILS that had DIRECTIONS ON IT. I EVEN DREW A FUCKING MAP.

This is the part I cannot wait to be over- Brew boy’s family that cannot lift a finger to do anything and get insulted over the smallest things. They didn’t RSVP until a week after we asked for responses, and they only did it because brew boy’s dad called and yelled at all of them. And they all RSVP’d on one card.

Was the self addressed, pre-stamped envelope not easy enough? I know, we weren’t there to lick it for you.

Don’t come if it’s SO damn inconvenient.

End rant.

26 Aug

I won’t reblog it but…

That gif set going around with the little girl telling Maury that she speaks French- French fries and French toast- make me incredibly, deeply sad.

26 Aug

Tuesday morning thoughts

Driving in this morning was terrifying. Every once and a while every single person on the road is the most aggressive driver ever. That was this morning. I almost got hit at least 4 times. Once, while stopped at a stoplight, I just closed my eyes and said my goodbyes to brew boy and the dogs. I got flipped off probably 7 times, 5 of those for just being in my own lane. Nothing like pure adrenaline to wake you up in the morning.

11 days

My dad is in charge of the porta-potties for the wedding and he is taking his responsibility VERY seriously. I get at least one “Comfort Castle” email a day. Today’s is to scale maps where they will be positioned, with highlights and stars, etc. He’s hilarious.

My mother, on the other hand, is dropping the ball. She was in charge of securing houses for us at the lake, since she grew up there and knows everyone. She gave me a number to call last week and said “[redacted] talked to all her sisters and they all agreed that we can use their houses, just call her for the details.” I did, and I got a “I have no idea what you’re talking about, you can have mine but I don’t speak for my sisters” response. Cue panicked phone calls by me today.

11 days

I’m watching the weather like a hawk. I need to stop.

4 more days of work until I’m off for two weeks. 

And finally, because I don’t know how to end this post:

25 Aug

Take away from my morning Tumblr feed…

  • Beyonce. 
  • Blue Ivy is adorable.
  • Jay-Z makes an adorable proud papa/husband.
  • Katy Perry’s outfit- “Britney did it first *grumpy gif*” No shit people. Katy Perry has a wicked sense of humor. 
24 Aug Solid Sunday afternoon.

Solid Sunday afternoon.

22 Aug

Friday 5

Yesterday brew boy got offered a job that he has been chasing for years. This is huge for us. Bigger than huge. His salary is going to increase by 75%. That means that all of the things we’ve been dreaming about (house kids, LIFE), are going to be much easier to achieve. This also means that I am no longer the primary bread winner. He will be working in Boston (primary reason for salary bump), so I’ll also have a commute buddy! Pluses all around!!

The wedding is so so so close. Jenna asked me today how I am doing. My answer was “alternately euphoric and like an elephant is sitting on my chest”. Truer words have not been written. Right now is an elephant moment. I just wrote checks to our vendors and figured out how much money we still have to shell out in the next two weeks. It’s frightening. No matter how budget you try to be, it’s still a shock to write those checks.

Next week is my last week at work before the wedding. I am trying my best to make sure that I get ZERO phone calls the two weeks I’m away. I’m making sure everything is stocked, I’m putting little notes on things that people always ask about, God help me I’m even checking the light bulbs in all the rooms so that my boss doesn’t email me 8 times a day for each light bulb he finds is out. It’s kind of hilarious how helpless everyone here is AND the fact that my job is 25% complete BULLSHIT, but here we are.

This weekend I have my final dress fitting and my final hair and makeup trial. So much fun!!

We’re working on putting our song list together. Any one have any recommendations????

21 Aug

Tucker is super good about personal space. I mean, there was a solid 6 inches between me and the back of the couch. Plenty of room.

21 Aug

17 Secret Problems Every Foodie Has While Trying To Lose Weight


This hits home…hard.

Egad yes. This was manageable when I was a single food lover, but now that I’m part of a food loving couple losing weight is next to impossible.