I need to hear more about the fight your ex started. Spill it!

Lord. My friends did a good job of hiding it from me, but here’s the gist-

His girlfriend, who is all of 22 (for reference we’re all in our early thirties), jumped into a conversation brew boy’s friends were having about someone they knew who had died in a motorcycle accident. Apparently she claimed to know the person and made some comment. Brew boy’s friends got pissed because whatever she said was disrespectful and there’s no way she could have known the person because they all live in California blah blah blah. She did live in Cali for a bit, but she’s too young to have known the person… personally, unless she as a teenager. I think she was just trying to look cool and ended up stepping in a pile. ANYWHO- my ex freaked out and started telling off brew boy’s friends and being aggressive during the wedding, wives common sense cooler heads prevailed, but then at the after party he started up again and almost got his ass kicked. Luckily our friends forced him to leave and he did, but not before going to the tent where we got married and flipping over a table. KLASS. Brew boy and I showed up after all this happened, so we missed it, but everyone was pretty upset. I haven’t seen him since.

He’s the coolest. Wish I had married him instead.

After all of those beautiful wedding pics, I thought I'd pick your brain about your gorgeous wedding. What was your favorite part of the day? What was the biggest waste of money/your biggest regret? What do you wish you could have done if you'd had an unlimited budget? Any crazy relative stories?

Oh boy. This is hard.

My favorite part of the day was…. everything. I know, I know. I loved just about every second of the day. Gun to my head I would probably say exchanging vows or when we took pictures on the the dock. Those were the only times I felt like it was just brew boy and I. Heart eye emoji. (barf)

Biggest waste of money was brew boy’s tux. He wanted a very specific look and he didn’t get it with the tux. We should have just bought him a suit, it would have cost the same. Biggest regret was inviting my ex, because of COURSE he started a fight. I sort of had to because he’s in our group of friends. I don’t think anyone would have thought twice if he wasn’t there, but I thought it was easier to just invite him Hindsight, 20/20 and all that.

I don’t know that I would have done anything different, to be honest. Seriously, everything was perfect.

Ah, relatives. Memere took one of our disposable cameras we had for candids, which is hilarious. Brew boy’s dad was rude at the rehearsal dinner but was surprisingly well behaved the rest of the time. My crazy aunt showed up super late and successfully alienated my mother from family portraits. All pretty standard family craziness!

How is carpooling going? Do you guys have plans for the holidays? When will you come visit again? What's at the top of your wishlist, right now?

Carpooling is going MUCH more smoothly. I have started playing games on my phone when we get into traffic situations so I don’t yell at him to be MORE AGGRESSIVE. But honestly, who leaves 3 car lengths in front of them in traffic? It’s infuriating.

Of COURSE we have holiday plans. Don’t be ridiculous, Summer. We had to chart out our holidays the first year we were together so no one’s feelings got hurt and we didn’t have to be in 3 places in one day. This year it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with his family, Christmas day with mine. 

The visiting is now even more unlikely because my best friend moved back home. HAPPY DANCE. I mean, not as happy because now I don’t get to see you and Greg and the new parasite anytime soon. I’ll try to convince him to go in the next couple of years.

I need new clothes sooooo badly. I’ve let my wardrobe go because spending money on clothes has been furthest from my mind. Brew boy and I are going shopping this weekend…. WAIT. Wish list. A new computer. And a pony. And jewels.